Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Greece Part 1


I realize that I haven't updated this in so long and I'm terribly sorry, but I didn't have my laptop in Greece and I had a paper due today... so I've been busy! Get your reading glasses ready though, because I am about to write A LOT and tell you all about my wonderful trip to Greece! I'm gonna try and break it up into several parts in case it just gets way too long to read.

I guess I'll start off my saying that Greece was the most beautiful, wonderful place I have ever been. The only thing that was disappointing was the fact that my family wasn't there enjoying it with me. I've already decided that I'm determined to get a great job and take my family and anyone else who wants to go someday! That might take me a while to build up lol, but I'm dead set on going back!

The best and most surprising part of the entire trip was the people. Every single person we encountered while in Greece was so genuine and friendly! I made little notes in my phone each day so that I could remember what we did and the great little memories we made.

The first day of our vacation was an adventure to say the least - I'm pretty sure I had about 4 heart attacks along the way, but hey I'm alive and well! We were set up to take the midnight train from Prague to Vienna and then fly to Athens from there. Well, because of all the rain and flooding our train was 3 hours late! We spent so much time in the awful Prague train station - there weren't even benches for us to sit and wait on! Once the train arrived it was an adventure trying to find our car because there was no staff working since it was 3 am. We finally got on the train which took 6 and a half hours meaning we would arrive in Vienna at 9:30 am - our flight out of Vienna was at 10:50! We were all so stressed and trying to figure out how we were going to get off the train, find a way to the airport, get over to the airport, get our tickets, check our bags, navigate the airport, and get on our plane all in less than 2 hours. Like I said, it was an adventure lol. We got there just as they were boarding and somehow made it to Athens!

Our hostel in Athens was wonderful. It was very inexpensive and of course nothing luxurious, but it was perfect for us. The workers were all so nice and helpful. After we checked in and got all settled, we walked around and shopped. Shopping in Athens is crazy. I could've spent SO much time and money shopping and maybe I did spend a little too much of both lol. They just have wonderful things and all the shopkeepers are so nice and welcoming! After walking around for a while, we found a nice place to sit and eat outside. I ordered a Greek variety plate that included musaka, pastitsio, fried zucchini, and spinach pie - it was AWESOME! After dinner we walked up to the top of the Hill of Muses and saw an amazing view of the Acropolis and the city of Athens. It was truly and amazing moment to be up there and see everything. Then, we went to a restaurant by our hotel and got a chocolate crepe. I got it all over my dress of course lol but it sure was good!

I know that the people need our money so they were trying to sell their stuff, but they were seriously all genuinely so sweet. Even if we told them we weren't going to buy anything or whatever it was, they still wanted to help us find our way around, have a great time, and even learn a little Greek! Here's what I learned in my time there:
Yasas = hello
Yamas = cheers
Efcharisto = thank you
Parakalo = you're welcome

The weather was absolutely perfect also. It was 80 and breezy just about every day we were there. All the restaurant seating is outside because it's just so perfect there's no need to go inside!

I told you I was gonna write a lot... that was just day 1!! I will write more about Greece hopefully tomorrow, and if not then on my way home. Tomorrow is my last day in Prague! I absolutely can’t believe my time is already up. I have had such an amazing experience and I’m so sad it’s over. I am, however, SO ready to see my family, wear boots, and eat Mexican food lol. Now that there is warm weather in Prague I’m wishing we could have some of that cold back because there’s no AC in our apartment and it is HOT! Anyways, I’m going to try to sleep so that I can enjoy my last day in the city!


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