Sunday, June 2, 2013

An update from Prague

I cannot believe it's June!!! Time has absolutely flown by! I'm sorry I haven't posted all week - I've just been busy having fun and seeing new things. Although I am really loving everything I'm seeing and doing, I can tell you three things - I miss the sun, my family, and mexican food (especially Kourt and Ang's enchiladas and rice!).

It has been raining constantly for several days now, and I'm so tired of it. I need some heat and sun in my life! It's nothing to be alarmed about, but the city of Prague has declared a state of emergency because of the flooding likely to occur as a result of the level of the Vltava River. My school and apartment areas are in no danger, but I'm just letting you know how much it has rained! I only brought one sweater which I've warn every single day we've been here lol so I'm sure all of these kids think it's the only thing I own! I am very thankful for that sweater, my rain jacket from my granny, the $5 umbrella, and 3 scarves that I brought! They are definitely all being used. Every single one of the spokes on my umbrella is broken, but the dang thing still works lol.

This weekend we took a trip as a class to Cezky Krumlov which is a city in the very southern part of the Czech Republic. It was beautiful of course. We got to tour the Boudvar brewery and see an awesome castle. The castle had a bear pit at the front (that has been there for hundreds of years) and of course it made me think of my awesome Baylor Bear brother! The weather of course wasn't great, but we still had an awesome time together! Even when it's pouring rain on us, we're all still just laughing and having so much fun together - I've really been blessed with a great group! We got back early this afternoon and went to eat at our favorite place here in Prague, Lemon Leaf (a thai restaurant lol), and then just came back to our apartment to catch up on some stuff before starting a new week!

We only have two real days of class this week! Tomorrow we have a regular day, Tuesday we're touring the Jewish quarter as a class (which I'm really excited about), Wednesday is a regular class day, Thursday we have our first test, and Friday morning (at 12am) we catch the night train to Vienna to connect to our flight to Athens!!! Yes, Athens, Greece! :D That means sunshine, swimsuits, oh and SUNSHINE! (I'm a little excited if you can't tell) - We are going on a five day cruise through the Greek Isles!

It's really awesome to see how much I have already learned through this experience. I have gained SO much knowledge about myself, the people around me, and just the world in general. I think this experience has really opened my eyes to what and who I want to be in the future and right now. It's weird that it took me being half way across the country to realize how much of a redneck hillbilly I am lol - but I'm proud of it! I am far from a city girl and VERY far from a European girl lol but hey the country girl can hang! I am honestly enjoying every experience I have gone through with every single one of these people. I hope you are having a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend. Remember to make the most of EVERY situation you're in. Live for the now, not for the future. I love everyone in my life so much!!!


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