Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Greece Part 2 - Athens

Days two and three of our vacation were spent in Athens. On the second day we got up early, had breakfast at our hostel, and went up to see the top of the Acropolis. That was definitely one of my favorite parts of the entire vacation. The view of the city from up there is just incredible and seeing the Parthenon is almost unreal. On our way down the stairs I slipped and completely fell down - just keeping it cool! After that, we went to the Acropolis Museum which was extremely nice and new.

Then we had lunch outside and then shopped some more (you'll notice shopping is a reoccurring event). After shopping for a while we hopped on a bus to the The Cape of Sunion. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Athens, make sure you hop on that bus and experience the Temple of Poseidon at sunset. It's about an hour and a half ride out there, but it is totally worth it. The bus drove us all along the coast so we had an amazing view the entire way there. Once we arrived, we walked up to the Temple of Poseidon and awaited the sunset. The view from up there was absolutely gorgeous. Not many places can beat a west Texas sunset, but man that one sure came close. Once the sun went down, we headed back into Athens and ate another amazing meal. This time I got veal and eggplant (if you know me, I'm sure your jaw just dropped lol) - it was excellent!

On day three we saw changing of the guards at the Parliament building,

toured the Olympic Stadium,

shopped (When in Greece, buy sandals... right??),

and saw an opera at the Acropolis.

The opera was a very interesting experience to say the least. It was all in Greek which made it hard to follow, but luckily there were English subtitles. The story was the Flying Dutchman. It is very neat that we got to experience a play in that coliseum! 

The next day, we got up and started our cruise around the Greek isles! I am about to go eat lunch with some friends, so I'll post about that a little later. :)


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