Monday, May 20, 2013


Okay, sorry I've already fallen off and haven't posted much, but we didn't have WiFi at our hostel in London so I didn't have a choice!  Just to catch you up, we arrived in London Saturday and trained to Paris today.

Now let's talk about London! It was so incredibly awesome. I mean I absolutely loved it. Nicole and I both did. The city is beautiful; there are just tons of plants, trees and just GREEN everywhere! That was probably my favorite part about the city. Most cities are just tall skyscrapers and are just plain ugly. London however is gorgeous. It contains so much history too which is just incredible, and it's our history too which makes it even cooler. Here's a picture of Hyde Park - it was gorgeous!

We stayed in a hostel in London, not a hotel. Meaning that it was more like a church camp kind of set up if that makes any sense... that's just what it reminded me of. Our room was very small with a bunk bed, the lobby and common areas were very colorful, and we all ate breakfast downstairs at about the same time. Oh and the entire place was just housed with kids. It was a great experience to stay there and I mean I was in London I could've been sleeping outside and still been so incredibly happy!

My favorite part of our entire time there was when we went to the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Now the actual ceremony wasn't my favorite part; honestly, we couldn't really see anything. That place was crazy packed - I mean there were SO many people. Anyway, there was this little boy sitting on his dad's shoulders, and he was so enthusiastic and excited. He had the most precious english accent and kept yelling "hello guards". He then asked his dad "is the queen coming?". All of that doesn't seem very cute, but if you could just hear his little accent you would know why I am just in love with that memory! I LOVED hearing all the little english kids talk - they were soooo precious! Here's a picture of the little boy lol I know it's kind of creepy, but I had to!!

Big Ben and the Parliament Building were my favorite structures. They were just so big and beautifully crafted. We went on the London Eye and got a wonderful view of them! We also went on a double decker bus, traveled using the tube, and ate fish & chips!

Another great thing about London was the ease of it all. We had no trouble communicating and getting around because obviously everything was written in English which was extremely helpful! Although it's similar enough to be easy to navigate, it's also different enough to be completely unique and beautiful. Here is the London Eye, London Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and Westminster Abbey.

I HAVE to go to bed now! We are getting up early and headed to see Versailles. I am so excited and will tell you all about Paris very soon. I can tell you this now - I am 100% in absolute love with this city!!!


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