Thursday, May 23, 2013


Paris was absolutely incredible. The food, people, sites, culture, and atmosphere were all just wonderful. I wish I could've had more time there, but I know I definitely want to go back someday! Although it wasn't as clean, nice, or comfortable as London, it had it's own attributes that made it unique and awesome!

I'll start out by telling you about the most important part - THE FOOD! Every single thing I ate in Paris was absolutely delicious. On the first day we checked in to our hotel then immediately went out to walk around and see the beautiful city. About 5 minutes into our walk we found a little crepe stand where of course we had to stop and get one! We got nutella and banana crepes and they were so amazing! Next, we ate at a little hole in the wall restaurant that was so cute - it was my favorite meal! I had delicious bread, vegetable soup, steak, potatoes, green beans, and creme brule for desert. The next day I had the best tiramisu with a macaroon(my FAVORITE things!) and then a wonderful dinner. I know I probably just gave you too many details about my meals, but dang they were all so so so good - I had to! Here's a picture of the guy making our crepes, Nicole and I eating our crepes, my favorite meal, and tiramisu with a macaroon!

We met some really amazing people in Paris. I know that the French have a bad rep and we all think of them as snotty, rude people, but either we just got extremely lucky or that stereotype is absolutely wrong. Our first person to encounter was the receptionist at our hotel. He was so nice and helpful! He answered a million of our questions and gave us tons of advice. Honestly almost every person we encountered was like that - very kind and helpful. At our last dinner we sat by the nicest French man who was eating with his niece and her husband. We chatted with him about Texas (he has been to Houston once), Paris, our lives, his life, just everything, and he was SO sweet! On the other side of us were 3 men from Ireland who were hilarious. They asked us where we were from and when we told them Texas they replied in a very Irish accent "hey y'all!" To say the least, don't ever be skeptical about traveling to Paris because of the people 'cause they were all wonderful.

Although we were only in Paris for a short time, we got to see almost everything we wanted to see! We went to the Pantheon, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles(which my mom would LOVE and made me think of Hilie especially), and Arc de Triomphe. They were all incredible. I know this is expected, but my favorite was the Eiffel Tower. It was just so big and beautiful - especially at night!!

I have to compain a little bit just so y'all aren't getting too jealous. ;) The weather was not wonderful. It was cold and rainy the entire time. I love a cold, rainy day just as much as the next person, but not when I'm trying to run around and see Paris in a day! I am missing that Texas sun so much!

There were SO many cute places to shop, but unfortunately we didn't have much time for that! Every single shop though was adorable. I really just loved the atmosphere and beauty of the city. It really is very romantic! Being in Paris is like being in another world. It's interesting because I never would've thought this before going, but I really think my dad would love it. My mom too! There are just tons of wonderful places to sit and eat outside which he loves and lots of great shopping areas and things to see. I vote that my family makes a trip to Paris soon! :) If only it were that easy lol. In the restaurant where we had my favorite mea,l they were playing American disco music; it was hilarious! "The Hustle" came on, and I immediate thought of my Aunt Donna because we always listen and laugh to that song together. I wish she could've been there with me - I just absolutely loved that moment! Here's a picture of that little restaurant and my favorite picture I took of the Love Lock Fence.

To sum it all up, Paris was absolutely delightful. If you haven't gone, you need to plan a trip. Like NOW lol what are you waiting for?!

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