Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pre Departure

I absolutely can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow! I feel like the time went by so slow and then all of a sudden so quickly. It's officially here. I'm not even packed - typical Amy Rose style lol. I'm sure I'll be up most of the night, but who can sleep anyways knowing they're going to Europe the next day?!

I'm just gonna go ahead and apologize for the grammatical errors you might see on this blog. I have tons of teachers in my family, and I know they're gonna notice every single one of them. So y'all please forgive me! However, I am Ila Mitchell's granddaughter so I do have some of that English teacher coursing through my veins! ;)

I am the world's worst at communicating and keeping up with things like this, but I know all of the 2 people who are gonna read this will be counting on some updates... so I promise I am gonna try my hardest!!!

Nicole (one of my friends from Tech who I used to play volleyball with) and I are leaving DFW tomorrow at 4:45 pm for London. We are planning to stay two nights in London then train to Paris and stay 2 nights there. We will arrive in Prague on the 22nd and the rest of our classmates and professors will arrive on the 23rd.

My dad always says "I thought you were going on this trip to STUDY abroad" (as you can tell he's just hilarious). I actually am going to be taking a graduate marketing class while I'm in Prague that will count towards my undergraduate marketing degree. We will have class Mon-Thurs from 12-3pm. I know that doesn't seem like much school, but I actually am hoping to learn a few things. I know the experiences I'm gonna have will teach me more than anything I can learn in a classroom!

I should really start packing. I hope someone actually reads this lol. Good night from Monahans, Tx. Tomorrow I will be saying good night from LONDON! :)


Oh P.S. here's a little picture of Prague for you to dream about... I know I will be tonight! :)

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